Entertainments / Attractions in Houseboat

You can cruise through Alleppey houseboat entertainments like traditional Cultural nights in Houseboats like fishing, Kalaripayattu, Theyyam etc and we will help you to catch a variety of memorable brief pictures in Kerala houseboat entertainments.

Night Fishing

Houseboat Fishing

Night time fishing in backwaters under the silver moonlight may be absolutely mesmerizing. If you get lucky you may get a good 'Kari meen' or any of the opposite exceptional fishes. The onboard chef would really like to come with one in all Kerala's well-known delicacy 'Kari meen fry' typically frenzied with 'Kallu' or Toddy that's Kerala's indigenous beer tapped from Coconut trees.


Houseboat Kalarippayattu

Consists of a series of intricate moves that train the body and mind. The field is always practiced and complemented by using Kerala's famous ayurvedic and nature treatment strategies.These are believed to have traveled to China, in which they stimulated the evolution of other martial art forms.


Houseboat Theyyam

A ritual dance shape of Kerala, glorifying the goddess. Themes revolve across the triumph of the goddess over the demon Daruka and different evil characters. constantly done by way of men, in addition they enact woman roles carrying exotic makeup and colorful costumes.


Houseboat Mohiniyattam

The temptress is a recurring character in Hindu mythology. Attam way dance. It's far seductive dance achieved by way of girls, sensuous in its attraction. In the method, Mohiniyattam lies someplace between Kathakali and Bharathanatyam. The symmetrical patterns of emotion float in balanced nuances with smooth footwork, surprisingly quickened body moves and specific tune.


Houseboat Bharatanatyam

Is assumed to be India's oldest shape of classical dance. This dance form is also called poetry in motion, has its origins in the Natya Sastra written approximately 4000 B.C. by sage Bharatha. It becomes at the start called 'Dasiyattam', a temple artwork carried out by means of young girls called 'devadasis'.


Houseboat Chakyarkoothu

Is one of the oldest classical theatre arts of God's own country. The solo dance is generally furnished within the Koothambalam of temples to the accompaniment of the Mizhavu and Elathalam. The performance begins with an invocation to the presiding spiritual being of the temple. The narration is enlivened with the Thandava dance moves, gestures and facial expression in step with the hints in Natyasastra. Koothu is distinct for its comedian element which provides to its dramatic character. topics are normally from the epics. The dress is colourful and weird with an ordinary headgear.