Kerala Houseboat Reviews and Experiences

Based on our houseboat reviews from the experience of houseboat trips in Alleppey, Kumarakom you can choose houseboat route, time, types, number of bed, food menu and entertainments in your houseboat tariff.

Sanoop from Malappuram

A houseboat cruise in Kerala is a uniquely special enjoy that must not be ignored. Study on to look why I consult with this experience as ‘special’. For the purpose of this review, I decided to head on a houseboat cruise, now not as an excursion operator however as a normal traveler. For our wedding ceremony anniversary this July, I booked.

Ashwani From Kollam

A houseboat (below an extraordinary call, of the path) and didn’t tell the team approximately it. I’ve finished this test in the past with motels too, which will revel in things firsthand. The houseboat journey in Alleppey give an amazing experiences to me and our whole family.

Deepthi and family from Delhi

We were given in to the houseboat at 12 midday from one of the jetties in Alleppey. As quickly as embarked, my first affect changed into that the boat crew was heat and cheerful as they welcomed us with mild refreshments. The booking agent delivered us to the team and left us with a heated smile.

Kishore from Trichy

Alleppey houseboats create a unique relaxing enjoy on your Kerala tour programs. the primary purpose of Alleppey Houseboat tour is to create first-rate memories, magic, lifestyle, romance, the blessing of an intimate and enjoy the treasured second collectively. If you wish to enjoy a stunning day in Kerala, Alleppey houseboats are the higher alternative.

Supriya from Rajasthan

The houseboat will look very exceptional from the snapshots you would possibly find on the internet. The one pix could have been taken the day the boat changed into built. Non-stop exposure to daylight will make a distinction in how your boat truly appears. But your houseboat may be smooth and tidy. If it is not, you could tell the crew and make certain it's miles tended to. Try and hold excellent family members with the group. If you would like to tip them, do it for the duration of the cruise rather than after it’s over.

Goutham from Goa

Don’t set your expectations too high by perusing photographs on the internet. Your houseboat will no longer be like a lodge room, which requires cooperation from each the edges so as which will have a fantastic enjoy. My sincere concept is that this: ebook houseboats to revel in something one-of-a-kind, not to have all of the luxuries you may discover in a motel. It is one of a kind of experience, but certainly, not one to be neglected.

Anju P From Dubai

The boat regularly moved towards the lake and this was a total one-of-a-kind revel in. We felt lost inside the wide expanse, even as also feeling like royalty. Just earlier than we drifted directly to the lake, the guide stopped at a small toddy save in which we may want to buy local snacks like tapioca, fish curry, Karimeen fry and glaringly, toddy!

Sreepresadh from Koratti

Allow us to retain with our love affair with God’s very own country and on this publish revisit the paranormal famed backwaters of Kerala. Though you could find backwaters in lots of places in Kerala proper from Trivandrum to Kollam. Indeed those famed canals are the lifeline of most of the coastal Kerala and are the desired mode of shipping. These backwaters in Alleppey are home to lovely birds, some action-packed snake boat races but above interested by the well-known Houseboats of Kerala.

Basim P Shamsu From Chennai

I've written about my cruises in the Alleppey backwaters when I visited the Champakulam Church one of the oldest Portuguese Church in India. However, I form of in no way wrote about how turned into my revel in of staying in a houseboat overnight inside the backwaters of Kerala. Now, this brings me to a piece of nostalgia, takes me again how Jugaad innovation is the backbone of Indian ethos.

Shemir from Thenni

For a long term the backwaters have been used for transporting all of the produce mainly rice to the ports and bigger cities in Kerala, due to the fact the roads had been simply awful, but then sooner or later of time road infrastructure in Kerala have become better and it was cost effective and quicker to hold rice on roads the use of numerous method of floor shipping.

Senthaghi Kishan from Karnataka

Now Kerala had exact roads and a fleet of unused rice boats. Then someone got a concept because the tourism in Kashmir changed into taking a success someone concept of why now not convert the rice boats into houseboats like the Shikaras and houseboats of the famous Dal Lake. So one at a time the rice boats got transformed into Houseboats and had been rented out to vacationers, who lapped up the experience of staying in them and cruising in the backwaters at a leisurely pace slowly looking lifestyles in sluggish motion around them.

Pooja C Nair from America

No wonder Houseboats in Kerala are cherished by means of Honeymooners as they have the boat to themselves. However in case you are seeking out solitude, do bear in mind to test how many rooms the houseboat has as a number of them have 2, a few even three or four rooms on a houseboat depending on the size.

Abin k from Cochin

As we had been part of the Kerala blog express, we were divided into corporations of two and threes relying upon the range of bedrooms on every houseboat. While every bedroom is a fully supplied room with attached bath, AC, double bed or even a look at the desk, it is the not unusual location on the deck that gives the exceptional view.

Shiva K.K from Mysore

The skipper of our Houseboat Captain Mohan became a taciturn fellow, preferring to talk in monosyllables while speaking to, but our Chef cum, manual cum man Friday Johnny may want to keep a communication on his personal and superior our know-how approximately the backwaters, Kerala cuisine, labor issues, history of numerous churches that we saw etc.

Shalini Devasya from Idukki

Luxurious Houseboat Kerala. As soon as our boats had been anchored we determined to take a stroll along the canal and ventured right into a village nearby, only to stop over again to concentrate to the hymns coming from the village church most effective an earshot away from a Shiva Temple. While returning I noticed this circle of relatives catching fish in a completely thrilling way. They'll put some flour in a bowl and decrease the bowl in water. As some small fish will come to consume the balls of flour they may take out the bowl out whilst the fish continued to nibble, unaware that quickly they'll be served in supper.