Houseboats Kovalam
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Kerala House Boats (Kettuvallam)

Kettuvallam is a house boat widely used in the Indian state of Kerala The extra bedroom (bed) is given in the bedroom, some people have a large family that can fill a boat with family members that can create very fun and some meaningful experiences, local market, mosque, church, time, villas, islands, and rural vehicles in the lake for 5 hours a day , Visit the temple, etc Foods that are welcomed before the arrival of August begin with a lunch meal Wherever you look, the field and the river For the most part, the passage is much like a vandal There are more than 1,500 boats to welcome guests who wish to enjoy the backwaters of Kerala's own country price rates deluxe veg memorable topest xandari donga spicy food nature timings picture bed seasons homes trips fish private hiring students backwater